RBI Approved Loan Apps List 2024: Do Not Miss New Apps List

RBI Approved Loan Apps List 2024: Check the Full List Here. In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in charge of overseeing financial institutions and transactions. It grants various banks, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), and fintech firms licenses and authorization to provide financial services, including loans. To guarantee that these institutions adhere to regulations, uphold transparency, and safeguard the interests of borrowers, the RBI’s clearance is necessary.

You should search for financial institutions that have the RBI’s approval to provide loan products online if you want to locate RBI-approved loan apps. These could include both conventional banks and NBFCs, in addition to more recent fintech startups that have received the required permits.

RBI Approved Loan Apps List
RBI Approved Loan Apps List

RBI Approved Loan Apps List 2024

A mobile application that offers financial services and loans to people and companies is known as an RBI Registered Loan App if it has gained official permission and registration from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The RBI carefully examines these applications to make sure they adhere to rules on data protection, privacy, and fair lending practices.

Borrowers may trust the legality and dependability of the platform by using RBI-registered loan applications. Convenience, prompt approval times, competitive borrowing rates, and open terms are all offered by these applications. They also provide a smooth digital experience for credit application submission, document submission, and quick fund disbursal, making borrowing simpler and more accessible for customers. RBI Approved Loan Apps List is the following:

  • Kreditbee
  • Kreditzy
  • Payments
  • NAVI
  • Lazypay
  • Freopay
  • Stashfin
  • Cashbean
  • MI Credit
  • Dhani
  • Avail Finance
  • NIRA
  • Branch
  • Smartcoin
  • Rupeek App
  • Simple Pay Later
  • Mobikwik
  • Paytm Personal Loan
  • Krazybee
  • Bharatpur
  • Paytm Postpaid
  • True Caller
  • Simply Cash
  • Slice
  • True Balance
  • Zest Money
  • Amazon Pay Later
  • Flipkart Pay Later
  • Tata Capital
  • Tata neu Credit card
  • Ola Money Pay Later
  • Khatabook App
  • Jupiter credit limit
  • OneCard App
  • iMobile Pay Later
  • IDFC Bank Pay later
  • Bajaj Finserv App
  • Rufilo Loan App
  • Early Salary
  • Money View
  • CASHe
  • m-Pokket
  • Stashfin
  • MoneyTap
  • FairMoney Loan App
  • KreditOne
  • FlexSalary Instant Loan App
  • DigiMoney
  • Indialends
  • Kissht
  • CreditScore

RBI Registered Loan App List: Top 10 Loan Apps

RBI Approved Loan Apps List includes Bajaj Finserv, Money View, CASHe, Paytm, Zest Money, Dhani, Paysense, Kreditbee, and a few other carefully chosen applications. They are among the very few RBI RBI-registered loan apps that are readily available in India. You can Trust These apps For Instant Loans. Check all the best 10 RBI Approved Loan Apps here.

  • Money View
  • Paysense
  • Money Tap
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Navi
  • NIRA
  • Kreditbee
  • CASHe
  • Zest Money
  • Paytm

NBFC Registered Loan Apps In India

Following are the NBFC NBFC-registered loan Apps In India. Check the full List Below

App Name Loan Limit
Paysense 5 lakh
Slice 1 lakh
Truecaller 5 lakh
Paytm postpaid 1 lakh
Rupeek App 50 lakh
Smartcoin 2 lakh
Nira 2 lakh
Mobikwik 2 lakh
Saral Bhugtan bad me 1 lakh
Paytm personal loan 2 lakh
Crazy be 2 lakh
Bharat pay 5 lakh
Credit 2 lakh
Lazype 1 lakh
Cashbean 1 lakh
Steshfin 5 lakh
MI Credit 5 lakh
Navi 5 lakh
Tata New App 10000 to 10,00,000
Tata capital 10 lakh
Flipkart pay later 60,000
Amazon Pay 60,000
Zest Money 2 lakh
Khatabook 50,000 to 10 lakh
Paisabazaar credit limit 50,000 to 10 lakh
Bajaj Finserv App 50,000 to 5 lakh
SBI Yono 15000 to 60,000
Onecard App 10,000 to 15000
IBL Finance App 5000 to 25000
Roofilo Loan App 5000 to 25000
mPocket 500 to 30,000
Dizzy Money 5000 to 25000
Cashe 1000 to 3,00,000
Fairmoney loan app 2 lakh
Money view 10,000 to 5,00,000
Creditone 5000 to 25000
imobile 20,000

RBI Approved Loan Apps List: Loan Apps Ratings

Here Is the List of Top apps With Their Rating In the Play Store. These Are Some of the Most Popular Apps which Are Used By The Customers

App Name Ratings
Home Credit 4.3/5
India Gives Loan 3.8/5
Cashe 4.5/5
Money View 4.6/5
Paysense 4.1/5
Dhani 3.8/5
Pay me India 4.2/5
Money View 4.6/5

RBI Approved Loan Apps List: Features of Personal Loan Apps

The following are the Main Features of Personal Loan Apps In India.

  • You can Apply Online Loan Application
  • Minimum Documentation Required For KYC
  • Fast approval and disbursement of Loan
  • The higher loan amount and longer Loan Tenure
  • Affordable interest rates & fees
  • Easy payment
  • Online KYC Verification

RBI Approved Loan Apps 2024 List: Benefits of Using Loan Apps

RBI Approved Loan Apps List
RBI Approved Loan Apps List

RBI-approved Loan Apps Are Most Authentic Apps Which Have High Credit Ratings. You can Apply For a Loan. The benefits of These Loan Apps are the Following.

  • RBI-approved loan apps are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.
  •  They are safe and trustworthy.
  • Transparent and fair loan process.
  • The Loan apps offer competitive interest rates and flexible reimbursement schedules.
  • Easy Loan Process
  • No need to Go To the Bank Branch For a Loan. You can Apply From Home.
  • Easy KYC Process

How to Check the RBI Registered Loan Apps list online?

Follow This Process To Check the List of all RBI Registered Loan Apps On the Official Website of RBI. Follow The Process Given below

  • The official website of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Is www.rbi.org.in
  • Now Home page Will Appear Before you.
  • Now Visit the “Financial Education” or “Consumer Information” sections of the RBI website.
  • Next Look at the category or region related to “Enlisted NBFCs” or “Rundown of Approved Advance Applications.”
  • Now You Will See a PDF of All Enlisted Apps Which Are Approved By RBI.
  • Now Click on the Download Button.

How to Download RBI Registered Loan Apps?

Follow the process Given below. Step by Step Process is Given below To Download the App.

  • First Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  • Now Search For the Loan App that you Want to Install On Your Smartphone
  • Now Click On the Install Button Or Download button
  • Now the App is Downloaded on Your Mobile Phone
  • In the next Step, Now you Need to Open The app And Create an account.

What Is Eligibility For RBI Registered Loan Apps?

Friends, if you are thinking of taking a loan from the RBI Registered Loan App, then you should have the following qualifications so that you get a good credit limit –

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years and the maximum age should be 60 years.
  • There must be a source of income.
  • Your CIBIL score should be good.
  • You must have a savings account as well as Internet banking.
  • Your Aadhaar must be linked to your mobile number.

Note: You should also know whether the app from which you want to take a loan serves your city or not. If you have the qualifications given above, then you can get a loan from any loan application very easily.

RBI Approved Loan Apps List: Documents For eKYC

The following documents are required for eKYC to take a loan from these apps. Check all documents list below:

Documents For Loan Apps

If you want to take an online loan from any app from RBI Approved Loan Apps List, then you need to have all the following documents, only then you can apply for an online loan –

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Or any other identity card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Statement
  • The loan app also asks for your selfie For KYC

Address Proof:-

  • Passport
  • Utility Bill (telephone, electricity, water, gas)- less than 2 months old
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card

Income Proof:-

  • Salary Slips (Last 3 months)
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 to 6 months

Income Tax Paid:-

  • IT Returns (for 2 years)
  • Form 16

Residence Ownership Proof (Any One):-

  • Property Documents
  • Maintenance Bill
  • Electricity Bill

Proof of Job Continuity:-

  • Current Employment Certificate
  • Appointment letter from current job
  • Experience Certificate

Loan Apps Maximum & Minimum Interest Rates

For The customers, We are Providing Interest Rates for all RBI Approved Loan Apps. You can Check All Apps Minimum Interest Rates Which they Charge From Customers. The full List is Given below In the Table.

App Name (Minimum) Rate of Interest (p.a.)
Navi 9.90%
Money View 16.00%
Kreditbee 15.00%
CASHe 24.00%
Fibe (EarlySalary) 24.00%
NIRA Finance 24.00%
MoneyTap 12.96%
PayMe 18.00%
Privo 13.49%
mPokket 24.00%
InstaMoney 24.00%
True Balance 28.80%
PaySense 16.00%
IIFL Personal Loan 12.75%
Bajaj Finserv 12.99%
Faircent 18.00%
Home Credit 19.00%
LoanTap 18.00%
Finnable 18.99%
IndusInd Bank Personal Loan 10.49%
IIFL Business Loan 12.75%
Kissht 14.00%
Branch Personal Loan Cash Loan App 24.00%
Dhani (Credit Line) 0.00%-42.00%
Stashfin 11.99%
SmartCoin 0%-30%
Indialends 10.25%
India’s Gold Loan 8.28%
Piramal Finance 11.99%
IDFC First Bank (MyFIRST Partner) 11.00%
Rupeek App Gold Loan 7.08%
Buddy Loan 11.99%
FlexSalary Instant Loan App (Credit Line) 36.00% (Maximum)
Tata Capital 10.99%
Hero FinCorp 25.00% (Maximum)
Prefr 18.00%
Kreditzy 0 – 28.80%
ZestMoney (Credit Line) 3%-35%
Paytm Personal Loan 10.5%
Aditya Birla Capital 14.00%
Creditap (Study Loan) 8.45%
Mobikwik (Shopping) 9.00%
Avail Finance 15.00%
FairMoney 12.00%
L&T Finance 11.00%
Upwards 16.00%
LazyPay 12.00%
CreditScore, CreditCard, Loans 10.99%
Fast Cash Loan 14.00%
Loanfront 15.95%
Fedfina loans 11.88%
Fullerton India mConnect 8.00%
Groww 12.00%
Loan Planet 18.25%

RBI Loan Apps list 2024: Loan Apps Limit

Some of the Best Loan Apps That are Trusted by RBI Are given below:

Loan Apps Name Loan Credit Limit
PaySense Up to 5 Lakhs
Navi Up to 5 Lakhs
SmartCoin Up to 1 Lakhs
Freeo Pay Rs. 10,000
Dhani Up to 5 Lakhs
Paytm personal loan Upto 2 Lakhs
Mobikwik Upto 2 Lakhs
Rupeek App Upto 50 Lakhs
KrazyBee Upto 2 Lakhs
BharatPe Upto 5 Lakhs
True Caller Upto 5 Lakhs
Amazon Pay Later Upto 60,000
Tata Capital Above 10 Lakhs
SBI YONO App Upto 60,000
Bajaj Finserv Upto 5 Lakhs
IDFC Bank Pay Later Upto 60,000
IBL Finance App Upto 25,000
Mystro Loans and Neo Banking App Rs. 50,000
KreditBee Upto 2 Lakhs

FAQ: RBI Approved Loan Apps List 2024

Which Loan Apps Are Approved By RBI?

Ans: The following Apps Are Approved By RBI

  • Money View
  • Paysense
  • Money Tap
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Navi
  • NIRA
  • Kreditbee
  • CASHe
  • Zest Money
  • Paytm
Which Loan Apps are Legal in India?

Ans: All such loan Apps that have been approved by the Reserve Bank of India and the Central Government are legal in India.

Is Nira App Approved by RBI?

Ans: Nira Finance is a very good application for a personal loan that has been approved by RBI.

Is Rufilo App RBI Registered?

Ans: ye sIt is approved By RBI. When you go to the official website of the Rufilo App and read about its policy, you will see that it has been registered by the Reserve Bank of India.

Is MobiKwik approved by RBI?

Ans: MobiKwik is a fully RBI-approved application on which you can take a loan of up to Rs 30000.

Is CreditBee Approved by RBI?

Ans: Yes it is approved by RBI, Creditbee is the most popular application for personal loans, which can be taken from ₹10000 to ₹300000. This has also been approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Is Navi Loan App RBI Approved?

Ans: Yes it is registered and regulated by the RBI With this app, you can take a loan up to a maximum of ₹2000000.

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