Happiest Country In the World 2024 List: Top 10 Countries

Happiest Country In the World 2024 List: Top 10 Happiest And Unhappiest Countries in the World. Here we list the top 10 happiest And Unhappiest countries in the world according to the Global Mind Project’s ‘State of Mental Status’. The Country list was prepared after analysing more than four lakh individuals from 71 different countries and evaluating their mental health quotient (MHQ), which included 47 aspects of mental health in six main categories; Mood and Outlook, Social Self, Drive and Motivation, Mind-Body Connection, Cognition and Adaptability and Resilience. Here we are Sharing the top 10 Countries List with Ranking. You can check the Full List Below.

Happiest Country In the World
Happiest Country In the World

Top 10 Happiest Country In the World 2024

The World Happiness Report, released every year, tells which countries are the happiest and which countries are the most unhappy. Globally, many factors are taken into account to determine the level of happiness, including people’s freedom, health, corruption, income, etc. The first name in the list of the most unhappy countries comes from Afghanistan. India’s ranking in this list is also very disappointing.

Rank Country Happiness Score
1. Finland 7.804
2. Denmark 7.586
3. Iceland 7.534
4. Israel 7.473
5. Netherlands 7.403
6. Sweden 7.395
7. Norway 7.315
8. Switzerland 7.240
9. Luxembourg 7.228
10. New Zealand 7.128

On what basis is the World Happiness Report made?

In preparing this report, mainly 6 things are taken care of – social security, health, income, freedom, a sense of generosity among the people and no corruption. All these things are necessary for a person to be happy. The country that does not meet all these factors or scores low is considered to be the most unhappy country.

  • Law & Order Situation
  • Health And Medical Facilities
  • Religion & ethics
  • Transportation
  • Work And Employment
  • Business & economic
  • Citizen engagement
  • Communications & Technology
  • Education
  • Emotions (well-being)
  • Environment & energy
  • Food & Shelter
  • Government and politics

What are the top 10 happiest countries in the world?

The top ten happiest countries in the world are

  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • the Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • New Zealand.

Which are the 10 most miserable countries in the world?

India may not be included in this list, but its situation is not very good for India also. In the list of 137 countries, India is ranked 12th from the bottom i.e. it is the 12th most unhappy country in the world. India is becoming the fastest emerging economy on the global stage, but its performance in the Happiness Report has not been very good.

  • Afghanistan is the world’s most unhappy country with the lowest rank on the list of 137 countries
  • Lebanon is second on the list of most unhappy countries.
  • Sierra Leone ranks third in the world and first in Africa in the list of the most unhappy countries.
  • Zimbabwe is ranked fourth in the World Happiness Report.
  • Congo ranks fifth on the list of most unhappy countries.
  • Botswana also lacks political-social stability, which people are not satisfied with and this country is in sixth place in the list of most unhappy countries.
  • Malawi is ranked seventh on the list of unhappy countries.

What is the happiest country in the world?

  • According to Survey Finland reigns supreme as the happiest country in the world.

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