CGBSE Toppers List 2024: CGBSE Toppers Full List With Marks

CGBSE Toppers List 2024: CGBSE 10th & 12th All Toppers List.The Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education (CGBSE) has declared the results of the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams today. This year, 79.96 per cent of students have passed the class 12 and 75.05 per cent of students have passed the class 10 exam. Along with the declaration of results, the board has also released the CGBSE Chhattisgarh Board Toppers List and other statistics.

Vidhi Bhosale has secured rank 1 in class 12 while Rahul Yadav has secured rank 1 in CG board class 10 with 98.83%. This year, a total of 3,37,569 students registered for the Chhattisgarh Class 10 Board exams, out of which 3,30,681 appeared. Over 3.38 lakh students registered for class 12, of which 3.23 lakh appeared for the board exams.

CGBSE Toppers List
CGBSE Toppers List

CGBSE Toppers List 2024: CGBSE 10th & 12th All Toppers List

CGBSE Toppers List. The Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education (CGBSE) has announced the results of classes 10, and 12 as well as the toppers of classes 10 and 12. Students can check their scorecard or on the of CGBSE’s official website. Rahul Yadav has secured the first position in the CGBSE Class 10 examination.

The Vidhi Bhosale from Raipur has topped the Chhattisgarh Board Class 12 exam 2023 This year, Vivek Agarwal has secured the second position and Ritesh Kumar has secured the third position. The result has been released today i.e. on May 10, 2023.

Names Pass Percentage
Rahul Yadav 98.83%
Sikandar Yadav 98.67%
Pinky Yadav 98.17%
Suraj Painhra 98.17%
Aditi Bhagat 98%
Riya Haldar 98%
Bhupendra 98%
Bhumi Warte 97.67%
Chitrashee Sahu 97.67%
Aditya Raj Gupta 97.67%

CGBSE Topper Complete List 2023 With Marks : Who Tops CG Board 12th Result 2023. In CGBSE Class 12 result 2023, a total of three students secured the 3rd position This year. Students can check the list of toppers for class 12th below In Table.

Names Pass Percentage
Vidhi Bhosale 98.20%
Vivek Agrawal 97.40%
Ritesh Kumar 96.80%
Nyasa Dewangan 96.60%
Resham Khatri 96.60%
Sanskar Dewangan 96.60%
Divya 96.40%
Nishant Deshmukh 96.20%
Ritu Banjare 96.20%
Jharna Sahu 96.20%

What is CGBSE 10th, 12th Result 2023 Pass Percentage?

Apart from this, candidates can directly check the CGBSE Topper List by clicking on this link. A total of 75.05 per cent of students cleared the Class 10 exam, while 79.96 per cent cleared the Class 12 exam. This year, the CGBSE Class 12 exams began before Class 10. The class 12 exams were held from March 1 to March 31, while the class 10 exams were held from March 2 to March 24.

Classes Pass Percentage
CGBSE Class 10th 75.05%
CG Board 12th 79.96%

CGBSE 10th Result 2023 : Passing Percentage

Particulars Pass Percentage
Overall pass percentage 75.05%
Boys pass percentage 70.26%
Girls pass percentage 79.16%

CG Board Class 12th Result 2023 : How Many Students Appeared?

Particulars Statistics
Number of registered students 3,28,121
Number of students 3,23,625
Number of passed students 2,58,500
Overall pass percentage 79.96%

Earlier in the year 2022, Suman Patel, Sonia Balla of Raigarh and Ritesh Kumar of Class 12 had topped in class 10. This means that the overall pass percentage in the CG Board 12th result is 79.30% and the overall pass percentage in the class 10th result was 74.2%. CGBSE Toppers List 2024 can be downloaded from official website.

FAQ : CGBSE 10th & 12th All Toppers List with Photo

Who Are The CGBSE 12th Toppers 2023 ?

Ans: This Is The List Of Top 10 Toppers with Their marks.

  • Vidhi Bhosale (98.20 per cent marks)
  • Vivek Agarwal (97.40% marks)
  • Ritesh Kumar (96.80 percent marks)
  • Nysa Devangan (96.60 per cent marks)
  • Sanskar Devangan (96.60 per cent marks)
  • Divya (96.40 percent marks)
  • Nishant Deshmukh (96.20 percent marks)
  • Ritu Banerjee (96.20 percent marks)
  • Jharna Sahu (96.20% marks)
What Is CGBSE 10th Result 20223 Toppers Complete list?

Ans: This Is The Complete List of all Toppers. Check List Below

  1. Rahul Yadav: 98.83 per cent
  2. Sikander Yadav : 98.67 per cent
  3. Pinki Yadav: 98.17 per cent
  4. Suraj Penkra: 98.17 percent
  5. Aditi Bhagat : 98.00 per cent
  6. Riya Halder: 98 percent
  7. Bhupendra Cess: 98 per cent
  8. Land dispute: 97.67 per cent
  9. Chitrashi Sahu: 97.67 per cent
  10. Aditya Raj Gupta: 97.67 per cent

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