Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2024 (Updated New List)

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2024 (Updated New List): The Rajasthan government has launched the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana to promote Digital India and ensure access to backward sections of society. Under this scheme, the government is distributing free mobile phones so that people can get the benefit of digital services. Here we are presenting the list of beneficiaries and other important information covered under this scheme.

Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme has been started by the Rajasthan government to distribute smartphones to the women of their state. Through this scheme, free smartphones are being distributed to the female heads of Chiranjeevi families through Jan Aadhaar card. For which a list is issued by the government, in which free mobile is distributed by the government to all the women whose names are included in the list.

So far, free smartphones have been distributed by the government to about 1.35 crore women in the state under this scheme. And now the Rajasthan government has released another new list for this, in which mobile phones will also be distributed to all the women whose names have been included.

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List
Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2024

The Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana, launched in 2023 by the Rajasthan government, aimed to bridge the digital divide by providing free smartphones to women in the state. This ambitious initiative has garnered significant attention and with good reason. Let’s delve into the details of the program and its potential impact.

Name of the scheme Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List
launched by Rajasthan government
Beneficiary Female heads of Chirjeevi families and women holding Janadhar cards
Objective Providing free mobile phones to women
Benefit Digitization of women covered under Chiranjeevi scheme and Janadhaar cardholders
State Rajasthan
The process of viewing the list Online
official website https://chiranjeevi.rajasthan.gov.in/  
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Documents required for Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List​

The following documents are required to get a free mobile:

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Address proof
  • Jan Aadhar Card
  • Age Certificate
  • Chiranjeevi Card
  • I Certificate
  • mobile number
  • email id
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank Account Passbook

Free Mobile Yojana Benefits:

  • While releasing the budget for the financial year 2022-23, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme will start.
  • The woman beneficiary will not have to pay any fee to get a smartmobile phone under this scheme.
  • The free mobile scheme will connect the women of Rajasthan state with the digital platform. Due to this, she will also be able to take advantage of digital services.
  • About 1.35 lakh women will be provided with this smartphone. This scheme is for the female head of Chiranjeevi families of the state and Janadhar card holders.
  • The government has launched this scheme intending to give smartphones to eligible women so that they can access government schemes and services.

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana Registration Process

  • The official website of the Government of Rajasthan must be checked first @ https://chiranjeevi.rajasthan.gov.in/
  • After this, the homepage of the website will open in front of you.
  • You have to click on the progress of registration on the homepage of the website.
  • Now you will see a new page where you will have to fill in the Jan Aadhaar number.
  • After this, you have to choose the option of search.
  • Now you will see your father’s name, your name, eligibility status, etc. on the screen.
  • If your eligibility status is written YES, you will get benefit from this scheme.

How to Check Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List Online?

  • The official website is https://chiranjeevi.rajasthan.gov.in/
  • Visit the official website of the Public Information Portal, the beneficiaries can see their name in the list.
  • The homepage of the website will open on your screen.
  • Now click on the option of eligibility for the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana.
  • After this, a new page will open where you will have to enter your Jan Aadhaar number to select your scheme.
  • Then click on the search option.
  • If the option of “Yes” is coming in front of your eligibility status then you will get the benefit of this scheme, otherwise, you will have to apply again. After clicking on the search option,
  • your information will appear.

FAQ: Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2024

What is the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana?

Ans: Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana is an important scheme being run by the government of Rajasthan. The special purpose of which is to connect the women of the state to the digital world is that under this scheme, women will be provided free smartphones and 3 years of internet facility will be provided Free. Through this women will be able to use one and a half GB of internet facility daily and 100 SMS facility will also be provided.

What is the name of the Yojana?

Ans: The name of the scheme is “Mukhyamantri free Mobile Yojana”.

When did Rajasthan’s free mobile scheme start?

Ans: The scheme was launched on August 10, 2023.

What is the purpose of the Rajasthan free mobile scheme?

Ans: The aim of this Free Mobile Yojana is that the women of the state can connect with the digital world, and it has been aimed that a total of 1.5 crore women will be provided smartphones for free this year.

Who is eligible for the Rajasthan free mobile scheme?

Ans: Women who have been associated with Chiranjeevi Yojana since earlier times can apply for this scheme.

Can men apply for this plan?

Ans: No, men cannot apply under this scheme at all, because the specific purpose of this scheme is to connect women of Rajasthan state to the digital world and not to connect male category candidates to the return world.

What benefits will you get under the Rajasthan free Mobile Yojana?

Ans: Under the Free Mobile Yojana all women candidates apply for this scheme. They will be given financial assistance by the government to purchase a smartphone or smartphone for free, i.e. absolutely free, and free internet data and calling facility for the entire 3 years, along with the facility of sending 100 SMS per day.

Will I get a SIM card?

Ans: Under this scheme, only women candidates will be provided with smartphones. While the SIM card will have to be purchased and used by the government itself, the SIM card will also have to be linked through the official portal.

Do I have to pay for data and calling?

Ans: Yes, under this scheme, you will get up to 3 years of free internet connectivity along with the facility of calling and sending all SMS daily, donated by the government free.

What is Rajasthan’s free mobile Yojana Official Website?

Ans: Rajasthan free Mobile Yojana Official Website https://igsy.rajasthan.gov.in / in which all the information is given. Friends, remember to go to the official website before going to any other website because today scammer cheat Dhari is done.


Under the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme 2024, giving free mobiles to the women of Chiranjeevi families of the state will help them access digital facilities. About 1.35 crore women will benefit from this scheme and will get information about government schemes and services at the right time. This scheme will play an important role in making Rajasthan digital and will prove to be an important step towards the prosperity of the women of Chiranjeevi families.

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