April Festival List 2024: Hindu, Muslim, Christian & Buddhist

April Festival List: Hindu, Muslim, Christian & Buddhist – The month of April welcomes festivals of Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Bengali and other religions together. Check out the list of festivals and holidays celebrated in April in India. This Is The Complete List of all Festivals. Check the Full List Of all Festivals that we celebrate In April.

April Festival List
April Festival List

April Festival List 2024( Latest Updated )

As spring blossoms across India, the month of April brings with it a vibrant tapestry of festivals and observances. Let’s delve into the rich cultural calendar:

  • Chaitra Navratri (April 9–17, 2024): Chaitra Navratri marks the nine auspicious days dedicated to Goddess Durga. Devotees fast, pray, and seek blessings during this period. The festival culminates with Ram Navami, celebrating Lord Rama’s birth.
  • Baisakhi (April 13, 2024): The Sikh community joyously celebrates Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi. It commemorates the founding of the Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699. Colourful processions, music, and feasting characterize this festival.
  • Puthandu (April 14, 2024): In Tamil Nadu, Puthandu heralds the Tamil New Year. Families adorn their homes with kolams (intricate patterns) and prepare a sumptuous feast. It’s a time for renewal and hope.
  • Poila Boisakh (April 14, 2024): Bengalis welcome Poila Boisakh—their New Year—with enthusiasm. Cultural programs, traditional dances, and delectable sweets fill the air. The day also marks the beginning of the financial year.
  • Hanuman Jayanti (April 23, 2024): Devotees honour Lord Hanuman on his birthday. Temples resonate with chants, and devotees offer prayers for strength and protection.
  • Chaitra Purnima (April 23, 2024): The full moon of Chaitra month brings Chaitra Purnima. Pilgrims take holy dips in rivers, and communities come together for rituals.

April 2023 Festivals List:

Day Date Festival
Saturday April 01, 2023 Bank’s Holiday
Tuesday April 04, 2023 Mahavir Jayanti
Wednesday April 05, 2023 National Maritime Day
Thursday April 06, 2023 Chaitra Purnima
Thursday April 06, 2023 Hanuman Jayanti
Friday April 07, 2023 Good Friday
Friday April 07, 2023 World Health Day
Friday April 07, 2023 Yamuna Chhath Puja
Sunday April 09, 2023 Easter
Monday April 10, 2023 World Homoeopathy Day
Friday April 14, 2023 Baisakhi
Friday April 14, 2023 Ambedkar Jayanti
Saturday April 15, 2023 Vishu
Saturday April 15, 2023 Vallabhacharya Jayanti
Monday April 17, 2023 World Hemophilia Day
Tuesday April 18, 2023 World Heritage Day
Friday April 21, 2023 Garia Puja
Friday April 21, 2023 National Civil Services Day
Saturday April 22, 2023 Parshuram Jayanti
Saturday April 22, 2023 Earth Day
Saturday April 22, 2023 Akshaya Tritiya
Sunday April 23, 2023 English Language Day
Sunday April 23, 2023 Basava Jayanti
Monday April 24, 2023 National Panchayati Raj Day
Thursday April 25, 2023 Shankaracharya Jayanti
Thursday April 25, 2023 World Malaria Day
Thursday April 27, 2023 Ganga Saptami
Friday April 28, 2023 Baglamukhi Jayanti
Friday April 28, 2023 World Day for Safety & Health at Work
Saturday April 29, 2023 Sita Navami
Saturday April 29, 2023 International Dance Day
Sunday April 30, 2023 World Veterinary Day

April 2023 National And International Events

US Festivals List 2023: American Festivals Full List All Months

Date April 2023 Important Days
1st April 2023 April Fool’s Day
1st April 2023 Odisha Foundation Day
2nd April 2023 World Autism Awareness Day
4th April 2023 International Day for Mine Awareness
5th April 2023 National Maritime Day
7th April 2023 Good Friday
7th April 2023 World Health Day
9th April 2023 Easter
10th April 2023 World Homeopathy Day
10th April 2023 Siblings Day (US and Canada)
11th April 2023 National Safe Motherhood Day
11th April 2023 National Pet Day
13th April 2023 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Day
14th April 2023 B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day
17th April 2023 World Haemophilia Day
18th April 2023 World Heritage Day
21st April 2023 National Civil Service Day
22nd April 2023 World Earth Day
23rd April 2023 World Book and Copyright Day
24th April 2023 National Panchayati Raj Day
25th April 2023 World Malaria Day
26th April 2023 World Intellectual Property Day
28th April 2023 World Day for Safety & Health at Work
29th April 2023 World Veterinary Day (last Saturday of April)

FAQ: April Festival List

Which festival is in April month?

Ans: Some Of the Most Important Festivals in April.

  • 2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day
  • 2 April- International Fact-Checking Day
  • 3 April- Holy Monday
  • 4 April- Mahavir Jayanti
  • April 06- Hanuman Jayanti
  • April 07- Good Friday
  • April 08- Holy Saturday
  • April 14: Baisakhi Day
How many festivals are there in April?

Ans: A total of 14 Indian Festivals In April 2023 Are Celebrated In April. Name Of all Festivals given Above.

What is special about 14th April in India?

Ans : Ambedkar Jayanti On 16 April 2023.

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